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APS is the leading independent, not-for-profit philanthropic services organisation in Australia. Our 800+ clients donated $162 million to charity last year and have committed over $2 billion to charity held in structures that we support.

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Family linking arms

Strategic and inspiring

Private ancillary funds (PAFs)

Donate money into a PAF (a type of charitable trust) to receive an immediate tax deduction, then use the money put aside to give to charity every year. You or your adviser invest the capital, and we handle everything else.

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PAF establishment

Setting up a PAF is easy and cost-effective with APS

PAF management

We’re a one-stop-shop for your PAF’s administration, accounting, compliance and governance

Father, Son & Grandson

Give and grow

APS Foundation

A giving fund (also known as a sub-fund) in our public ancillary fund, the APS Foundation, is a satisfying and convenient way to give money to charity over time. We pool donated funds in this communal giving structure, professionally invest them and take care of all the compliance responsibilities.

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Receive a tax deduction on your donation now, which you can spread over five years

Flexible giving

Recommend gifts to charities of your choice

Strong and steady

Tax-free investment returns accrue to your giving fund every month

"The giving fund gave Lara and me a meaningful place for our giving to come together, and the money is locked away for the causes that are important to us."

John Eales, APS Foundation giving fund holder
Mother and her two daughters

All part of the service

Support for your giving

We can develop a plan for your charitable giving, suggest organisations that match your interest areas, inspire your kids’ giving or connect you with like-minded philanthropists.

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Giving services

Our offerings to support your giving decisions

Good giving

Quick tips for better giving

The 5 Ts

Helping charities beyond financial gifts

Pandemic philanthropy

Considerations for giving in a time of crisis


Ancillary fund benefits


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Philanthropy is all we do

We’re specialists in philanthropy, not-for-profit and completely independent. Whatever your philanthropic needs, we’re here for you.

Give list: Papua New Guinea – Enga Landslide
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Give list: Papua New Guinea – Enga Landslide

A list of charities to support people affected by the Papua New Guinea, Enga Landslide.

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Capital with a Conscience – Impact and ethical investing panel
Performance reports, Videos

Capital with a Conscience – Impact and ethical investing panel

WATCH: Capital with a Conscience – Impact Panel and APS Foundation investment update. A discussion on how philanthropists can generate financial and social returns with their invested capital.

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Capacity-building: Assessing a charity’s overhead and administration costs
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Capacity-building: Assessing a charity’s overhead and administration costs

Before you donate: what you should know when assessing a charity’s overhead, admin and capacity-building costs.

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