APSF Establishment Confirmation


Thank you for your application. To complete the establishment of your giving fund, make your initial donation using the details below. Once your donation clears the APS Foundation bank account, we’ll send your tax receipt and official welcome, enabling you to start giving.

If you’re not ready to proceed, please save these details.

Donate to your giving fund

Donations can be made into your giving fund via bank transfer or BPAY.

Please ensure that you provide your giving fund reference number (FRN) when making the donation. This number is unique to your giving fund and ensures that we can identify and allocate the donation to the balance of your giving fund.

Bank transfer


Contact us 

The APS Foundation team is here to help. If you have any questions or require support, please contact us on 02 9779 6312 or email foundation@australianphilanthropicservices.com.au


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